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2011.07.25 (21:34:47)

Boba Straws (Regular) 8 1/2 " long 

These straws are the most common boba straws that are used for drinking bobas. They are about 1/2 inch diameter, plenty enough to allow bobas to be sipped through. Because of their large diameter, they are even useful for drinking smoothies and/or other frozen beverages which have a tough time coming up through smaller diameter sized straws. 

The length is about 8 1/2 inch, plenty enough for 16 oz. size cups and 24 oz. size cups. This particular straw comes in varied striped color and is cut at the edge to pierce through sealed cups.    

Boba Straws (INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED) 8 1/2 " long 

These straws are the same straw as the regular sized straw, except that EACH straws are individually wrapped.  Some county health codes require that each straws be individually wrapped.  If you are planning to carry these straws in your shop/store, please check with your local health department to see which straw is the right choice for you.