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2011.07.26 (21:01:28)

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Welcome the the 21st century of innovations in the beverage industry. 

These tapioca pearls, also known as bobas, are making a huge headway towards challenging our concept of refreshing drink. Once a popular hit in Asia, it has become a huge success in the US and Europe as well. These little "balls" give a chewing enjoyment while you drink. You sip, and then chew. It's a fascinating concept, but once you get hooked, you can never get enough of this. 

However, the bobas are not limited to drinks. They are also used in making desserts and as toppings for your other favorite food items. 

Bobas are made from tapioca starch and sugar. They are cooked and stored in a sugar syrup for flavor. Add them to your FAVORITE drink and see what a difference it makes. Remember, you need large boba straws to drink the bobas.    

SO EASY ~~!! and FUN !! 

PACK SIZE : 6 / 5 LBS Vaccum Sealed PACKAGES.