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2011.07.25 (21:33:45)
cup01.jpgPET 16oz / 20 oz / 24 oz Clear Cups

These clear cups are built tough. They are durable and does not break easily. These cups easily replaces SOLO® branded cups at a fraction of the cost. They can even be interchangeable with SOLO® branded cups and lids.

16 oz. comes 1,000 pcs per case.

20 oz. comes 1,000 pcs per case.

24 oz. comes 600 pcs per case. 

Premium cups at a fraction of the cost!    

PET Flat lids & Dome lids  The flat lids are used for most purposes. However, dome lids offer top space to fill with toppings, such as whipped cream. These lids are interchangeable and can be used for all Honors 16 oz / 20 oz / 24 oz cup.

PP Sealing Cups 500cc (16oz.) & 700 cc (22oz.) 

These cups are exceptionally flexible and are very useful when in conjuntion with the seal. Using a sealing machine, a plastic seal is placed over the top of the cup to ensure a secure seal of the entire cup. After you seal the cup, you can even turn the cup upside down and not spill a single drop of the drink. Spill proof and more economical than the PET cups and lids.    

Generic Cup Sealing Film (seals approx. 4000 cups) 

These rolls are inserted into a cup sealing machine. One a drink is made, you place the drink in a PP Sealing cup 500cc or 700cc, and place it in the machine. The cup sealing machine will automatically heat seal the cup with this roll.